How It Works



The whole purpose of Letfilm is to  serve the customers by giving the latest movies and music at an affordable rate. We are offering 2 type of services Buy now and Pre order now. In buy now  your favourite movies are available to download after the purchase but in pre order now, you have to wait until the releasing date to begin the download.

If you buy the title you are able to watch it as many times as you like. You have 3 licenses that give you the choice of downloading the title permanently to up to 3 devices or temporarily using one of your 3 licenses to stream the title unlimited times on any Letfilm streaming player. Each download permanently uses a license. You may only watch online (stream) whilst you have licenses remaining.



·         Each purchase will provide you with 3 (Three) Viewing Licenses to either stream or download the title to an Authorised Device. PLEASE NOTE if you download the title 3 (Three) times you will no longer be able to stream the title. We recommend you reserve at least 1 (one) Viewing License to ensure that you may continue to stream the Video on Demand to an Authorised Device.

·         When you download to an Authorised Device you use 1 (one) Viewing License permanently.

·         When you stream a Video on Demand you are only temporarily using a Viewing License and on completion of the stream that Viewing License will renew (i.e. you will not permanently use one of your Viewing Licenses when you stream a title).

·         You may only stream a title on 2 (two) Authorised Devices at any one time so long as there are 2 (two) Viewing Licenses remaining.

·         If you start a stream on one Authorised Device, then stop, you may resume the stream on a different Authorised Device.