How It Works



Gone are the days where the movies, TV shows and music business is dominated by the ‘fat cats’ of the corporate world. Now, thanks to Letfilm, individual producers and distributors can get their content online in front of millions of potential customers worldwide. All you need is to be the owner of a copyright certificate and you can get started with Letfilm instantly.

Producer/content owner advantages:

  • As a content owner you can start to earn instant money from your content and generate lifetime recurring income. Every time someone pays to watch or download your content online you will get paid.

  • You can view the total downloads and money earned in real time by logging in to the  letfilm website thus ensuring total transparency.

  • we can transfer your  money to any country in the world.(major banks only)

  • Content owner can decide which country the movie is available.With Letfilm you can set what's known as ‘blocked countries’. This effectively restricts your content from appearing in a certain country.  The ‘blocked countries’ feature also allows to avoid conflict with theaters and distributors - by choosing to launch in one geographical location whilst blocking access in another. No more overseas distribution rights - you regain complete control just the way it should be.

  • Another groundbreaking new feature Letfilm has released is called ‘pre order now’. Here content producers can upload the trailer, banner and other information and start selling the movie instantly to potential buyers - allowing customers to ‘pre-order’ the title before the release date. You can do this up to 2 months before the movie release date therefore making sure that the movie will be a success and popular in the market even well before the official release date.

  •  Letfilm’s state of the art advanced anti-piracy protection gives you the peace of mind that your content is safe and secure. Using user-specific forensic watermarking and auto blocking more than 100+ screen capturing software’s makes every download or stream unique and detectable. Letfilm’s anti-piracy stance is strict and being constantly improved in order to make sure your content is secure.

  • As a producer and content owner you can upload any type of content without limits, whether it be movies, music, TV shows, serials, comedies, dramas or albums.

  • In a 100% online scenario “8/2/1 rule” applies to all movies. Which means 80% of the income comes from the first 8 days of release and the next 20% revenue comes from the next 2 months and the negligible 1% income comes from next 1 year/lifelong. The ultimate goal of Letfilm is to maximise the revenue in a very short period thus eliminating the revenue loss due to piracey.

  • Online advertisement cost just 1/100 of the traditional advertisement and the result will be far reaching and quick. So the producers must focus on online advertising rather than conventional one. Letfilm acts as bridge between producer and consumer/viewer reaching every country in the world. At present viewers can download the content to windows pc/laptop and Mac. The site mainly focusing the new movies. Old and market failed contents are also welcome. 


You don’t need to a big player to take advantage of the Letfilm system. Anyone who has the copyright to a piece of content can upload their content and get started instantly.